MSE 470: Design and Use of Biomaterials (offered in the fall semester each year between 2006 and 2011)

Student Evaluation: 4.9/5 (Ranked Teaching Excellence)

This course is intended to provide an introduction to materials used in medical applications. It is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students who have a basic background in organic/polymer chemistry, physics, biochemistry and materials science. The nature of the subject is such that the course must integrate both materials science and biology. It is the purpose of this course to provide the student an understanding of the fundamental principles and language associated with current biomaterials research and to understand the issues associated with medical applications of these materials. The goal is to enable students in the course to read the biomaterials literature with critical understanding.

MSE 474: Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (offered in the spring semester each year since 2006)

Student Evaluation: 4.7/5 (Ranked Teaching Excellence)

This course gives an introduction to the synthesis of biomaterials, especially bio-polymers, and their applications in nanomedicines. This course is designed for upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students with organic chemistry (or polymer chemistry), and biology (or biochemistry) background.  The major topics are covered:  bioconjugation, polymeric materials design and synthesis, and  nanomedicine for gene and drug delivery.  This course integrates science and technology advances in chemistry, materials science and preclinical medicine. Students aiming to develop a career in biotechnology, bioengineering and medicine may find this course useful.

MSE 457: Polymer Chemistry (offered in the fall semester each year since 2013)

I aim to position this course to be medium difficulty to make it appropriate for a broad set of students, and cover both fundamental polymerization topics, such as condensation, ring-opening, ionic and radical polymerization, and newly developed polymer chemistries.  The goal of the course is to get students equipped basic knowledge of polymer chemistry, get familiar with various polymer synthesis techniques and know the reaction mechanisms. Malcolm Stevens’ book “Polymer Chemistry” will be use as the textbook.  Recently published papers will also be used as teaching materials.