(Updated on Sept. 5, 2020) We have two postdoc positions available immediately.  One opening is on polymer chemistry (NCA polypeptide) area; training and experience in polymer chemistry is necessary.  The other is on peptide chemistry, macrocycle synthesis, and supramolecular chemistry.  Synthetic organic chemistry background and training is required.   If you have interest in these two positions, please send your CV to Prof. Jianjun Cheng (

Graduate Students

We recruit graduate students with background in organic/polymer/materials chemistry, materials science, biomaterials and bioengineering. Our research interest includes polymeric biomaterials, polymer and materials chemistry, drug and gene delivery, nanomedicine for therapeutic and diagnostic applications and functional polymeric materials (e.g., self-healing). If you are an admitted graduate student of UIUC and are interested in our research, please contact Prof. Jianjun Cheng ( with your CV attached. If you have not been admitted to UIUC, please send your application materials to the department graduate admission office.

Undergraduate Students

We routinely recruit undergraduates to do research with graduate students and postdocs in our lab. If you are interested in joining our group, please e-mail a one-page resume (which includes your GPA, courses taken, etc.) to Prof. Jianjun Cheng ( to check for openings.