Cheng Research Group

Materials Science and Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Graduate Students

We actively recruit graduate students in the areas of biomaterials, organic/polymer/materials chemistry, bioengineering and chemical engineering. Our research interest includes polymeric biomaterials, polymer and materials chemistry, drug and gene delivery, nanomedicine for therapeutic and diagnostic applications and functional polymeric materials (e.g., self-healing). If you are an admitted graduate student of UIUC and are interested in our research, forward your CV to Prof. Jianjun Cheng ( If you have not been admitted to UIUC, send your application materials to the department graduate admission office.  If you are interested in getting Professor Cheng’s support to apply for graduate fellowships, either US-based or international scholarship (e.g., Chinese Scholarship Council), that can support your graduate research at UIUC, please contact Prof. Cheng directly.

Postdoctoral Applicants

To apply for postdoctoral position in the Cheng lab, forward your CV directly to Professor Jianjun Cheng at

Undergraduate Students

1. We routinely recruit undergraduate students to do research with graduate students or postdocs.

2. We now recruit undergraduate sutdents to design website.

Email your CV and/or resume with your current GPA information to Ruibo Wang at to check for open positions.